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For Release: Immediate (Please check for accompanying attachments) February 16th, 2016

WAXAHATCHIE, TX- After meeting all American Honda’s stringent requirements, Ellis County Auto Repair has been certified and approved to be the 955t ProFirst Certified Shop in the nation.

“After extensive investments in state-of-the-art equipment, attaining industry training and certifications we are pleased to have been accepted in Honda’s program” stated Craig Anderson, owner and President of Ellis County Auto.

“Honda is a quality automobile manufacturer and they [Honda] care about the proper restoration of their products to ensure the safety and confidence of their Honda customers. We’re proud to be a part of their efforts”

The ProFirst program enables consumers to find a certified facility in their area through Honda’s Internet based ProFirst Facility Locator which can be found at: L

“When involved in a collision event, most consumers simply don’t know what to do or where to go for repair stated Barrett Smith of Auto Damage Experts, a collision industry consultant who has been Ellis County’s consultant for several years. Many rely upon referrals from others who may or may not have the customer’s best interest at heart. This makes consumers vulnerable in their greatest time of need when it comes to seeking proper and thorough repairs”

Smith goes on to state: “All body shops are not the same and while some, like Ellis County Auto, offer a high level of quality customer service and workmanship, there are those who unfortunately do not. Honda’s strict verification of training, equipment, facilities and ongoing oversight ensures that their Honda customers will receive the quality parts, materials and workmanship necessary to properly restore their damaged vehicle to its pre-loss condition in safety, performance, appearance and value to the best of reasonable human ability.

“In Texas, the choice of repairer is the vehicle owner’s; after all, it’s they and their family’s personal safety and economic wellbeing which are at stake. Consumers need to make good choices in their time of need and in and around Waxahachie Texas…that choice is Ellis County Auto! At Ellis County they don’t just restore damaged automobiles, they restore peace-of-mind!” Smith added.